2 Shailos

The vuv of uvkumecha looks like it does not have a rosh (kiokinos). Some poskim are matir to fix with a rosh mashehu which seems to be the case here. However in real life this is much less noticeable, keep in mind that this picture is probably magnatized 10 times at least the origonal size of this 6 cm mezuzua. I believe that this Tzadik Sofit is kosher especially since I did a shaylos tinok, if so would you fix this letter any more and how?


  1. my opinion:
    the vav probably I would passel
    the tzadi is kosher so you can scrape away the extra dyo to fix the yud

  2. From what I can see in this slightly enlarged image the vav has a clear, albeit short rosh and is kosher and I believe this would be Rav Friedlander's opinion.

    The tzadi is fine and if you feel a need to improve the appearance of the letter you can scratch as R'Moshe suggests or just add a bit of ink to the bottom right corner of the yud hafuch.


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