A must for your tefillin!

Did you see the latest "patent" for tefillin?

Keep your retzuah shel rosh in place with these new retzuah clips!


  1. Seems a bit extreme since there is not obligation for the part of the retzuah that hangs in front of you to be right-side-up. I have always found it strange that some people go around turning over other peoples retzuos if they have turned over.

  2. Ha! Reminds me of the old Talis clips. Since the young generation has dropped the use of taleisim at the age of Bar Mitzvah, those old clip makers have had to found a new outlet for their contraptions. VOALA! What a great idea for a Bar Mitzvah gift! Convert the old talis clips into tefillin strap clips and let the trade continue...

    What's next? Wan't to buy one for your Yarmulka?

  3. It's a nice idea. I'm just worried it will become the next hiddur, then the next chiyuv.


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