I am working with a food production facility to make sure all their mezuzos are good and installed properly had a couple of questions

1) Walk in refrigerators and freezers 20 feet by 10 feet R nissim karelitz in his sefer says one is not mechuyav  to put a mezuza on cheder kirur, however is there a maximum size for a refrigeration unit to be patur ? does it turn into a beis haotzar after a certain size and will therefore be chayav ?

2)  Utilities room 8 feet by 8 feet but has shelving units installed in and cutting the room in half ?

3) cooling unit used for express cooling in between hot kitchen and refrigerated packing room i am assuming mezuza goes on right side from hot kitchen to cooler even though there are other entrance ways from the refrigerated packing room
4) on the side between cooler and packing room i am assuming on right side from cooler to packer

5) Trailer used as office building has a back door that is rarely ever used for entrance or exit does mezuza go on right coming into trailer or right exiting the trailer like a safety fire exit door that is only used for exiting in an emergency

Thank You Good Shabbos


  1. Make sure to ask a rov moreh horaah pepoel. But here is my thinking:

    1. A refrigerator is, by definition, not rouy ledirah and cannot possibly be mechuyav in a Mezuzah.

    2. Assuming such a room is mechuyav in a Mezuzah at all, Keilim are never mimaet a room when it comes to the the shiur of a mezuzah.

    3. Use the regular criteria that we use to determine the right side. The first criteria is "Pnimi Chitzoni". If that is equal go to "derech hahalicha" (which in this chase would be from hot to cold).

    4. Same as 3.

    5. A door that is rarely or never used is still mechuyav in a mezuzah. Use the regular criteria to determine the right side. First is "pnimi chitzoni". In this case you would clearly put it on the right side as you enter the trailer (unless that door leads to a completely sealed patio or courtyard)

    I don't understand why this has anything to do with an emergency exit which is built to never be used for anything except going out and therefore is an exception to the general criteria for determining the right side.

    Of course according to Minhag Chabad, the first criteria in all of these cases (except number 5) would be heker tzir if there is a door.

  2. In regard to 5:
    A door that is an exit only is patur. Also there is no svara at all to put a mezuza, on the exit of a house, any mezuza is always on the enterance only.

  3. R' Shaffier,

    3.4-Why is the express cooling unit ראוי לדירה?

    1. It's not, but I am assuming that it is a maavar to a makum chiyuv. If it leads to a dead end that is patur, it would also be patur.

      In number 1. I am assuming that the refrigerator is a dead end.

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