daled hafucha. possul?

The first zayin is possul (its a daled hafucha) according to all the seforim I checked. Can anyone find a tzad to be machshir?

See the picures above after I 1) cropped off the tagin (which were anyway not written toch kedai kesivah) and 2) after I inverted it. It's mamash a kosher daled.

This mezuzah also has many tagin not mechubar, and beisim which are round on top right - both bedieved which normally I would have fixed, had it not been for the zayin/daled hafucha.


  1. I think a shylas tinok is accepted in this regard, the resemblence to a dalet hafucha doesn't automaticaly pasel the letter.
    I wrote about this on the hebrew blog somewhere along.

  2. Whether it's a psul is dependent on the length of the rosh protruding to the right of the regel. In this case I'd ask a shailas chacham.

    1. I have emailed the shaila to Rabbi Greenfeld and am waiting for a response

  3. in my experience rabbi greenfield is very machmir on wide letter zayin,I really would like to see if he feels a tinok would help on this one

  4. I have sent him 2 emails, what's his number?

  5. I finally received a response from rav Greefeld this morning where he passelled it

  6. I was asked to show the shaila to Rav Friedlander. It printed out large. Rav Friedlander said that in a mezuzah size it would be kosher. He also suggested showing it to a tinok even though the tinok wouldn't know what other letter to call it.Bottom line he said it would be best to replace.
    I mention that it printed out large b/c he said that Rav Elyashiv had seen a similar shaila in a large size and passuled it yet when it was showed to him in the actual size he was machshir. When they told him that he had seen it in the larger size and have passuled it he was surprised. It seems to make a worse impression when enlarged.


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