Geder of "Pshutim Mehudarim" batim for Chabad

Following my recent post regarding the geder of pshutim mehudarim batim, I dug up an old article I was asked to write for a Chabad publication regarding the halachic status of pshutim mehudarim batim according to S"A Harav and shut T'T.
 See below (click to enlarge)


  1. Great article!

    For quite some years I've been looking out for a copy of zichron Eliyahu to purchase but it had been out of print for a whileIn about 2007 I phoned up R Gitman personally to see if it would be reprinted and he said his intent was to reprint it sometime but in the meantime he gave me permission to photocopy any parts that I needed from someone else.

    Does anyone know if it has or will be printed again or if anywhere has any copies for sale?

    1. I was told a few weeks ago that Rav Morganstern and his son are working on a reprint due out in 1-2 years. There will be additions and corrections.
      For example, it is my understanding that Rav Elyashiv zt"l's opinion regarding machine ribua of batim is not as quoted in the sefer. I don't know if he changed his mind or if there was an error. The sefer says that it is fine since one must manually hold the bayis against the turning bit in order for anyone to happen. However, a number of years ago word came out that Rav Elyashiv held that lechatchila one should get Ribua yad/regel. (I'm still not clear if he held that amchine ribua was not mehudar or even not lechatchila. I hope to clarify this soon.

  2. I have it, if you want I can post it to you, make a copy and post it back.

  3. I've made a copy of the Halacha sikumim for each section already but I'm looking for a copy to buy for the rest of the content. I think the whole book is too big for me to copy it all....

    Thanks for the offer, much appreciated!

  4. Check with

    I bought 2 copies about a month ago for talmidim.

    BTW R' Eli -

    Excellent article!

  5. R' Eli
    Thanks for the article.
    I will add here something I wrote a month ago about the "cenafayim" in my blog: תפלין פשוטות עם שתי כנפים בלבד



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