sprays on Sifrei Torah Updated

I have heard that Rabbi Zirkind holds that there is a problem if one uses the spray (that helps prevent cracking) on the Torah yeriahs and latter writes on top of it. I.e. it is considered a chatzitza. If you have any information on this topic I would be happy to here from you. This is a Teshuva from the Tzitz Eliezer on the sprays on Torah Scrolls. He holds that it is not a chatzitza since it is only a "chazusa bealma" and is batul to the klaf. He notes that it is not really noticeable unless one is quite familiar with it. http://www.hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=14513&st=&pgnum=40 I will note that the Tzitz Eliezer is only speaking that the spray is not a chatzitza to the eye of the reader (similar to the reader that is wearing glasses), he does not refer to if later a sofer wanted to add diyo on top of the sprayed letters. Lichora there is no difference since it is batul. Not openly mentioned but it also seems that the Tzitz Eliezer only refers to a thin spray (that is only chazuta bealma)and not a thicker tangible spray that has a mamashos.


  1. I've asked this shaila a few times. if it's a light spray such as fixative it is not a chatzitzah. If it is a heavy coating that you can feel and see like a heavy gloss protective finish that some restorers use, it is a chatzitzah.

    I'm not sure if writing in a chatzitzah is meakev, athough it is certainly bedieved.

  2. I've had this question too. As well as what R. Eli writes, if one has to write over the top of it in future for a repair, it is also no longer a chatzitza as theoretically the light spray must have broken down since the repair is needed. The heavy gloss spray is not acceptable. I am very careful to always check with clients before using sprays and really only use it as a last resort when the ink is just not going to hold otherwise - I have used it on two sifrey over the years. The objection isn't only halachic but the fact that no-one really knows what impact using these sprays will have on the parchment over the years as parchment is an organic material.

  3. Which brand and type of fixative is recommended and has no halachik problems?

  4. The spray is "Krylon workable fixatif".
    I was always taught to take off the "floating letters" with a blade (not a shem Hashem, obviously) and then rewrite it THEN spray it. that way, the spray goes over the writing and will keep the ink on the klaf. This method has worked for me in the 100+ Torah's I have fixed.

  5. If it isn't cracking a lot, you can fix it, then spray..so that you won't have any problems since the letter is already kosher underneath the spray.

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  7. Spray is not chatzitza according to rav Shammai. Even tippex (correction fluid) is not chatzitza according to him.
    I am using a special material which works very well for me. I showed it to rav Shammai as well. They don't sell it in stores so I mix it myself from chemicals.


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