Interesting mezuzah placement question

A Gut Moed and a Gutten Kvittel to all:

In the two pictures below we have the same shailo, a gate sitting under a roof. The roof is not connected to the doorposts of the gate itself, rather it is free standing, supported by it's own pillars that have no connection to the actual doorframe.

I have always assumed that the roof is still considered like a mashkof and it would require the gate to have a mezuzah. The correct place for the mezuzah woyuld be on the actual doorpost of the gate, and not on the pillar supporting the roof.

This type of gate is common here in Melbourne and i thought I would get to the bottom of it once and for all. it seems no one here assumes it is chayev and I can't see why it would be potur.

Feedback appreciated.




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  2. It seems they are correct, there is no true mashkof for this gate, so it should be patur.
    But there are some opinions [see also Chovas Hadar p. 51, ch. 7 para. 4, Pitchei She'arim 287:1:38-39] that a accepted [normal] gate with a door is chayov, even without a mashkof.
    Therefore it seems correct to say: It is best to put a mezuza without a bracha.

    1. what is a true mashkof?

      does the mashkof have to be connected to the mezuzos for it to be considered a mashkof?

    2. yes. or at least standing exactly above the doorposts in order to make a mashkof, but this gate the roof is separate from the gate, so the simple understanding of SA YD 287 lacking a mashkof is patur.

  3. I asked R' Shammai and he said to put the Mezuzah on the pillars without a bracha however perhaps he misunderstood my explanation (along with my not so perfect drawing of the situation...) I'll bli neder look more into it and try and ask again...

  4. Ok thanks. My only question is why the pillars, why not the ikker doorpost which is where the gate is attached to


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