mezuzah placement question

Someone emailed me this (it came as a sideways video, not a picture, sorry)

Does it go on the brick that protrudes near the door or on the metal frame the only way for it to go on the metal frame is on the face of the frame that faces outwards?


  1. The mezuza should be on the frame facing outward, since the frame is the mezuzas hapesach

  2. no, it should be lechatchila in the challal hapesach. But this is better than placing it on a wall, that isn't the mezuzos ha'shaar at all [although facing inward].

  3. Wouldn't the best thing be, if possible, to drill a place for the mezuzah in the hala hapesach?

  4. its very narrow...i will suggest it to them....perhaps they can add a metal plate


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