nervewracking shailoh. Would appreciate reb Moshe's comments

Today I was checking a pair of tefillin. There was a tug of the alef in the space of the daled which was making me nervous as I don't like anything at all in the left bottom space of a daled. I know its not a major problem since the daled is so big, and often shatnez getz tagin protrude into this space, but my policy is to scrape it anyway (unless it is super thick and big, in which case I show a tinuk). see fig 1 which I took from my computer checking program, before tikkun, of this case.

 pic 1

So I  scraped it off in a few movements, my first movement separated the tug from the alf, something like this in fig 2
fig 2
Without stopping to think, I continued to scrape the rest of the tag, in several movements.
I am now bothered that after my first scrape, when the tag was separated completely from the alef and sitting in the left challal of the daled, I may have created a more serious shailah of a hay.
My question is, do I have to be worried about this, and how do I deal with this lemaasah. Fig 1 is accurate, its from my scan of the parshiyos. Fig 2 is recreated, perhaps there was a bit more of a nifsak after my first scrape, however I definitely started from the bottom of the tug.


  1. according to the pictures - no problem at all
    "zei gezunt un ruik" !!

  2. It is exactly for this reason that when I have such a situation, I will always prefer to remove a bit from the bottom of the large Dalet. That way if anything goes wrong, it is not possible to create an issue.


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