Sad story

Someone emailed me this story.
 I'm not trying to be "motzei shem ra" however I thought its important that we see what happened to this guy. A lot of dealers sell old second hand sforim as "Holocaust Torahs". I don't know how many of them are legit. Please be careful.


  1. Better than being careful - if you are not 100% sure of the history/provenance of that sefer and that it was actually rescued from the Shoah then dealers shouldn't call it a Holocaust Torah.

  2. Many of the old Torahs that at least I have access to are from Europe/prewar. I've never sold/offered a Torah as a Holocaust Torah.I'm not sure what that is exactly supposed to mean. I simply call it what it is- a pre war (WW2) Torah from Europe.

  3. A "Holocaust Torah" is simply one that was saved from the Holocaust and brought out of Europe either right before WW2 or found in Europe after WW2 in the hands of non-Jews or museums/state libraries etc. In some rare cases they may have been buried or given to Gentiles for safekeeping.

    A Torah written in Europe in 1910 and brought to America and used in an American shul for 30 years before WW2 is NOT a "Holocaust Torah".


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