Tefillin upside down

Someone went to get their tefillin checked before their chasanah and discovered the parshiyos in the Tefillin Shel Yad was put in upside down. The M"B and SA HaRav both say this is pasul even b'dieved. Are there however any poskim that say this is kosher b'dieved?

(I realize their is shitas R"T that says it should be put in "lying down". However despite this the poskim still say in a case of when it was turned upside down completely that it's pasul even b'dieved.)


  1. I have found parshiyos upside down / inverted/ even in wrong order. I don't know if it is a mitzvah to tell the customer......just make sure you put in parshiyos correctly yourself

    1. I would tell the customer if it was still the day he gave it to me before shkiya so that he could make a bracha on another pair at least that day....

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  3. the Shulchon Aruch Harav doesnt say its posul, he says yesh lihizoher. and in the kuntres achron it says that by mezuzah both according to rashi and rabeinu tam it would be posul if it is inserted upside down, so he implies that it maybe posul but doesnt say it is. In Kol Yakov he brings down from the Shulchan aruch harav that it is posul... anyhow I had such a scenario in Monsey and Rav Leches said to inform the customer because its mamesh posul. Its not Motzei Shem Ra on the previous Sofer because, for if the customer was to go back to him he could tell him that you took it out and held it wrong... and you thought it was in wrong but it really wasn't...


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