upper yud of aleph

Sorry for the crude drawings, but in continuation to a post on the hebrew forum, how would you classify and define the top yuds of these alephs? (kosher, not kosher, according to mikdash meat, according to the alter rebbe, have regel, don't have regel)


  1. Hi Peretz,
    With the first Aleph, we would consider it Kasher, as there is both a REGEL and a HEAD. It may be a thick REGEL but nevertheless valid, as there are 3 sides defining the inside of the the YOD-LIKE part of the ALEF.

    The second one is definitely PASSUL in accordance to most POSKIM. A careful look at the inside part of this top YOD-LIKE part of the ALEF will reveal that it has only 2 inner dimensions, as it meets the body of the letter in a pie wedge type shape. As such, most POSKIM will not allow correction as they maintain that there is no YEREKH and there is no HEAD.

    However, there is room for flexibility as the MIKDASH Me'AT and the ZEMAKH ZEDEK would both allow us to correct the letter, as the shape of the ALEF is recognizable. In their view, this ALEF clearly has a HEAD. All that would need to be done to correct it is to add a DOT on the inside corner of the wedge in order to create 3 dimensions.

    1. Alberto, agreed. However room for flexibility is very small outside Chabad poskim, since we do not follow the mikdash meat on this particular ruling. However the Tzemach holds a lot of weight for Chabad

    2. Correct. Bederekh Klal we would have to invalidate the second Alef.


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