According to the Tzemach Tzedek a yud without a regel  is a shalos tinok because it didnt loose its tzurah legamri, however im not quite sure what geder this is... any thoughts?


  1. I do not know if that tzemach tzedek is relied on by itself without a tziruf. it is a very big chiddush. some say it is a printing error.

    in this case i would ask rabbi zirkind or rabbi clapman since i am not sure of rabbi zirkind's view on this tzemach tzedek. Furthermore since it is rabbi clapmans parshiyos, it would make the most sense that he should be consulted

  2. If you showed me this letter alone, I wouldn't be able to tell what it is.

  3. I think it is pasul and cannot be fixed. It has no tzuras ois at all.

    1. I second it. Unfortunately, it has no ROSH at all.

  4. im aware that some hold its a printing error but if you learn the whole tshuvah and the sevoros that he brings down its hard to say its all a printing error, either way i understand its a big kulah.
    i asked a tinok to tell me the letters in the word and he read vov hei hei, he skipped it, so i figured i would ask him other letters then come back to it. I asked him to read other letters of words with yuds in them, then i returned to this word, when he saw it he said this is a ball then he proceeded to look for a yud and he found one he told me this is a yud and thats a small little ball so i guess its pasul.

  5. to confirm I'd ask a shailas chacham but I'd agree it is pasul.


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