Beis - very short

The beis in the second line is to short and lacks a true moshav - I think it is pasul, and cannot be fixed.
The beis in the third line is also to short - but may be fixed after a tinok reads it as a beis.


  1. its less than a kulmus on the top of the moshav.....

    1. you meant the second beis, yes. but still it doesnt look to much like a nun, I think we should give the tinok to decide what this letter is

  2. It appears to me that this BET is KASHER. Although the top part of the moshav is less than a kulmus, the bottom part of the moshav is good.

    In addition, there is no way that it may be confused with a NUN. However, if it appears to resemble a NUN, by all means, it must be shown to a TINOK.

    In my view the BET appears to be KASHER as is.

  3. I'd ask a shailat chacham.

    The vavs are short the shin is flat, the lamed is short... too bad as the ksav is pretty nice. The sofer needs a refresher course, assuming he learned properly in the first place.


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