Carbon fibre pens

A trainee sofer in South Africa has asked me whether it would be permissible to write with carbon fibre pens that he makes. R. Ganzfried aside who permits barzel even though this is tantamount to engraving according to many, I have also seen the plastic nibs with the built in reservoirs.

I actually have no idea what a carbon fibre pen is. Would this be counted as similar plastic or would it be considered as engraving?


  1. Carbon fiber is a relatively new synthetic material that is supposed to be much stronger and lighter than almost any metal. If the problem is with metal per se, then carbon fibre isn't an issue. If the problem is with חקיקה then I would assume that a carbon fiber pen does engrave.

  2. It certainly goes away from what has been accepted for generations and that which the poskim don't like to make changes in this regard (i.e. no plastic, no metal, also no carbon fiber.)

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  4. I'm dumbfounded at the hangup some soferim here seem to have with writing with metal. The Kesses Hasofer has been universally accepted by Ashkenazic Jewry as THE book on safrus, to the point that no sofer can get a ksav kabbalah without knowing it thoroughly. The Kesses Hasofer clearly states that one may write with a metal pen. Famous Rabbis are known to have written with metal pens.

    I can't understand why there are soferim here who act as if there's something wrong with writing with metal or as if it's a bidieved.


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