Chok tochos by tagim

This is someone related to my previous post however I'd like to keep this separate.
If someone wrote tagim that became connected at the bottom is there a problem just to erase what is connecting them in order to separate them? I know there is a discussion about chok tochos by tagim. R' Shtern in his Sefer writes if they were simply connected one to the other then it wouldn't be a problem to be mafrid them. However here in this case it formed a very very small shin seemingly this would go into the discussion he brings there if in a "normal" case of chok tochos by tagim if there is such a problem or not.
(See Mishnas HaSofer Siman 5 Sif 4 in Biur HaSofer d"h "Shatnaz Getz".)


  1. I dont see why there should be a problem with hok techot, in the end you are not creating a shin, or ayin, you are erasing it to create 3 separate tagin.

    1. some opinions say that there is chok tochis by tagin.

      My policy is a small negiya of tagin may be separated. a thick negiya, say for example where two are stuck together may only be fixed by adding ink or by erasing them first completely and rewriting them properly

  2. R' Shammai said pretty much the same thing. A small negia one can erase (even in my case where it came out looking a little like a Shin.) Chok tochos mamash (like when you have dio and make from it tagim from the beginnning) one should eb machmir.


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