I have 3 mezuzos with the tzadik pshutah like this


  1. Hi Eli,
    In my view we must accept this TZADE as KASHER. As we know, the TZADE PESHUTA is a compound letter consisting of a YOD and NUN PESHUTA. Although a NUN PESHUTA should always be standing straight; here, however, because the NUN is just a component part of the entire letter, we cannot conclude that the entire shape of the TZADE has changed. We must also add that, a TINOK would readily recognize the above letter as a TZADE if prompted to identify it. Thus, although appearing strange to us, the letter still maintains it's form and we must consider it to be KASHER.

  2. the tzadi is kosher, although most magihim make a fuss calling it an "ayin hafucha".


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