I received this shayla be email this morning. Any one have an opinion on this? my gut is to put up without brocho

Dear Rabbi Gutnick
I am attaching a photo of a kitchen (The photo needs to be rotated so that the lights are on the ceiling).
It is a kitchen. Entering it there is no real kitchen wall, only cupboards that block it off from the rest of the structure. Entering the kitchen is a large upright wooden beam that goes all the way to the ceiling. It forms a "tzuras hapesach". Does it need a mezuzah. If so, with or without a brocha?


  1. I dont have a clear picture of this enterance, but it is definite what you suggest that no bracha can be made on this pesach.

  2. I think that it doesn't need mezuzah since the beam is there for structural support and not for an entrance, also you can not see the top of the beam, if it plainly goes up to the wall then it seems that it is not tzuras hapetach

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  4. Hi Eli,
    Is there a chance we can get a better picture from a different angle?

  5. is there a mashkof? if not, then there is no need for a mezuzah.
    is the beam there just for support? If so then it doesn't count.


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