Matlis on sefer torah

I sent an old sefer to be fixed in Israel. I received it back this week and one omud has a matlis (patch) with about 12 letters written on the patch. the last letters written before the matlis, a daled, extends a little onto the matlis. When I asked the sofer about this he said that he originally wrote the daled so that ended before the matlis and was mukef gvil. However afterwards, he went back and made it a bit longer so that it would be closer to the letter after it, so he extended it  a little on to the matlis. but since b'shas ksivah it was mukef gvil, he argued that what he did afterwards was OK.

To me this is a chiddush. While certainly a hole or tear that touches a letter which occured after kesivah is not possul because the letter was mukaf gvil at the time of the kesivah. That is a straight out din is S"A. But in the case above, is he misunderstanding this halacha?


  1. This permission is written in Meir Eynei Sofrim p. 51 (Itur Sofrim 3:1).

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    2. and if you see a letter partially on a matlis and partly not, can you assume it was done k'halacha since it is a relatively obscure halacha?

    3. and is such a tikkun lechatchillah, even with the heter of teh me's? I guess not because the whole inyan of a matlis is a bedieveidike thing...

    4. I agree that this is a bdieved situation.
      In regard to your first question, although maybe not every sofer knows this heter [that he wrote the letter kosher first, and only later extended the letter on the matlis].
      But out of doubt we should rely on Taz YD 280 that permits writing a letter partialy on the klaf and partialy on the matlis, although the Shach [YD there] disagrees calling this "lo Mukaf gvil", many acharonim accept the Taz's kula.

  2. I asked R' Shammai. He said b'dieved b'seder. B'frat that the ois was makuf gvil to begin with (according to the story.) He then said as well may be somach on the Taz in terms of writing partially on a matlis. He said especially if there is already a shiur of a kosher daled before the part that goes onto the matlis (which perhaps was the case here?)


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