Navi with pasulim or Chumash?

What's better to read from when leining the Haftorah. Navi written on Klaf that has in it pasulim or from a Chumash?


  1. I should think they have the same din

  2. I would think that (possibly depending on the level of psul) that the klaf would be better.

    MB (או״ח רפד) brings the levush who had the הוה אמינא to pasel any keriat haftarah that wasn't written like a Sefer Torah, and that the taz and Magen Avraham seemingly accepted the minhag to read from a print. However MB says he thinks the MA was machshir the Keria if it was from a complete printing of navi - not just the haftarot we have at the back of our chumashim. MB concludes that if one only has a printed Chumash with haftarot it's ok but it's proper to have a klaf, as was the gra's minhag etc.

    Based on this of levush and MB's qualification of the MA and on the fact that rambam holds you are yotzei a Keria from a Sefer Pasul - I would think that depending on the Pesul, a klaf would be better than a printed Chumash. A printed navi is better than a printed Chumash. A kosher klaf of navi is best.

    The Sheila is - is a klaf with pesulim better than a whole printed navi?

    I'm not sure what the minhag in most places is but I assume that their haftara Klafim is just the haftarot - not the whole of navi. In that case - perhaps even one could argue that a whole printed navi is at least equal to a klaf of just the haftarot?



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