Rip in Yeriah

Although this is kosher, how would you recomend to repair this rip in the yeriah?


  1. put a matlis on from behind with PVA glue

  2. Elmer wood glue is very strong and good for a Matlit. Some time ago I talked to a chemist at the company and he assured me that all ingredients are synthetic, no animal ingredients.

  3. There are two different materials called PVA.
    1) polyvinyl acetate
    2) polyvinyl alcohol
    The first one is a good adhesive and is used in Elmer (and others) wood glue.
    The second one is highly water sensitive and quickly deteriorates in humidity.
    Use only the first one. Never use the second one.

  4. Instead of a matlit of k'laf you could also use Goldbeater's skin that has been prepared lishmah - I recently got a local Rabbi/shochet to make this for me and it is excellent for rips as it is very thin but very tough.


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