some questions on a cheap mezuza

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The samech is bdieved because the left line is centered - and not at its left side [as mentioned by the hai].
The nun, and both cafin are very wide.
The yud of yemechem is pasul [it has no guf/regel], and the yud of kimai should be fixed.


  1. R. Moshe, I would pasul the nun as it really does look like a kaf even with taggin on it. The base is very wide. Is that your view?

  2. I am in doubt maybe a question for a tinok, to decide what this letter is?!

  3. i seems the yud does have a small blita, i would suggest it can be fixed by adding a kotz rt?

  4. Ink can be added to the Samech. Without measuring it looks like the rosh extends a bit less than the width the body of the Samech

    The nun and chafs are kosher. Lengthen the first chaf and thicken the inside of the regel of the 2nd chaf to make the rosh a bit shorter. However, as is they are kosher. (regel is longer than the rosh)

    The Yud is kosher. add a bit of ink.


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