This shailo was brought to R' Mordechai Friedlander last week after this persons tefillin (tefillin from a young avreich) were checked. This is from the Shel Rosh and was the only problem found. The vav of "והגדת". You can see the same problem happened with the left regel of the Tav (although not a problem in the kashrus.)
R' Friedlander pasuled it. My chevrusa who is friends with the guy offered to send it to me to bring to R' Shammai. I did and R' Shammai said it's a shailos tinnok (He said that the Mikdash Ma'at writes that if you are in sofek if the rosh is going over to the right side then a tinnok would help. He believes this is the case here. You can see that it's a vav.) I said that R' Friedlander already pasuled it and the guy was planning to buy new tefillin. He said although it's a shailo since he already pasuled it I believe it's a shailos tinnok and if the tinnok calls it a vav then b'seder, he can do how he pleases. Could be at this point it's worth hearing the tinnok call it a vav so this guy shouldn't think he was never yotzee! It's very hard to tell in the picture but it seems to me that this whole thing happened afterwards but before the tefillin went into the batim. If we are dealing with an ehrliche sofer then mistama he asked on it and could be a rov already many years ago was machshir. R' Shammai told me he believe it happened after it went into the batim which doesn't make sense to me. Opinions in regards to the kashrus or when this happened and what went wrong exactly would be appreciated. A very chashuva magia was by R' Shammai this morning with shailos by the Beis Horah. I showed him this and what R' Shammai paskened. He said he very much agrees in this case with R' Shammai (even though he said he doesn't always agree..) 


  1. if a previous magiha saw the shailo and it was read as a vov by a tinuk or pasked as kosher by a rov, surely he should have fixed it before putting it back...

  2. I think it is pasul. The rosh is to much [towards the right] over the kav.

  3. I hope to somehow get it to other big Rabbonim in STaM. L'maseh the person is going to buy new Tefillin.

  4. Hi Yehoshua,
    It appears to me that this happened after the parashiyot were written. Someone must have had a humid pen (perhaps just cleaned with water) and dipped it in ink to write. Two drops of this extra moist ink may have fallen and spread on the letters. One drop on the TAV, the other on the VAV.

    Take a careful look and you'll see the original sharp tip at the bottom of the left foot of the TAV. Likewise, one can see the sharp tip at the bottom left edge of the ROSH. This means that the letter had the correct TZURA before this accident happened.

    Interestingly, the drops appear to have fallen within the actual letter lines and then spread out to the outside of the letter. It is very likely, that the parashiyot had already been checked, and therefore this was not noticed before placing them into the tefillin.

    The TAV is good, but unfortunately the VAV appears to have lost it's shape. How does it appear when looking at the unmagnified parashiot? From what I see on the magnified image, it is exactly as what R. Moshe says. The ROSH extends too much over the right of the KAV in order to retain its shape. Too bad for a beautiful perasha.

  5. I wrote that this was tefillin from a young avreich. I found out later this is from a chosson who is 19 yrs old who had his tefillin checked before his chasanah! Although somewhat of a bad feeling at least he caught it now.


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