Beis issue

The gimel's left foot is davuk [by majority] to the right foot, which should be a problem just as yud of the alef davuk to the body of alef.
The beis although hallachicly kosher [see enlarge picture] because it is perfectly square at its edges, but has almost no akev ("hanir'e l'eynayim"). There is an issue between some lomdim is this a problem that requires a shaylas tinok, since many tinokos define a beis only by its akev, and a square beis lacking an akev, they may call a caf.
The mem is lacking ink. I think this is not a shinuy tzura and can be fixed [by adding ink].


  1. Reb Yehoshua,
    Please ask Rabbi Shammai about the beis issue (although I guess already his answer) I would appreciate it very much.
    Also what does he say about the gimel problem. Maybe we spoke about these issues before, but still it is cday to bring it up once more.

  2. Hi R. Moshe,
    With respect to the above GIMMEL, being that this is a Sefardi Mezuzah, it should be measured in terms of its tradition. There is no question that many Sefaradim have historically written the Gimmel in this fashion Lechatechila.

    More so, even if the left foot was completely glued to the YEREKH (which is a more extreme case) it would still be okay for Sefaradim. See the MIKDASH MEAT (סקי"ד)

    What comes out of this is that the above GIMMEL, even though it is not written according to DIKDUK for Ashkenazim, is KASHER as is. If it was fully glued, however, then it would be PASSUL for Ashkenazim. However one would still be allowed to correct as per what we learn in the above MIKDASH MEAT, and there is no worry as regards to writing LO KESIDRAN for it still maintains its shape.

    Likewise, the above GIMMEL would not require a SHEELAT TINOK for the defining difference between a NUN and a GIMMEL is that the right YEREKH of the GIMMEL descends below that of the right foot, and this is certainly the case here.

    1. Alberto thanks,
      I didn't think about the sefardic origin of the mezuza, you are correct !

  3. The Gimmel is kosher even for Ashkenazim. Even a gimmel with a thin, straight left regel can be fixed (and may be kosher as is even for Ashkenazim) unlike an Alef, where it is passul and irreparable.
    A gimmel "Bagdadi" is also kosher for Ashkenazim and is clearly "worse" than this gimmel. (That is basically a nun with a clear blita coming down from the bottom right.

    I can't make a call on the Bais based on the picture. It looks like it could have a tiny ekev. If so, it would not be treated as a beis with a 90 degree bottom corner.

    Te sofer needs to be taught how to write a Shin.

    1. "A gimmel 'Bagdadi' is also kosher for Ashkenazim" - this statement is arguable.

    2. Yes, it is indeed arguable. As mentioned in my above post, a gimmel Baghdadi is passul AS IS for Ashkenazim, but it may certainly be repaired, and we do not consider it as writing SHELO KESIDRAN.


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