Can this be saved?

I don't know how it happened but a little water sprayed on a megillah I was writing.  Is there anything that can or should be done? See below (ignore the ksav, I am a student/beginner, or better yet, don't ignore the ksav).  This is not for sale, it is the megillah I am writing for myself as part of my first real ksiva.


  1. cant do much. maybe try erasing a little.

    If youre not selling it dont worry who cares if it's a little damaged

  2. Not pasul. I'm also writing my first megilla (though I've done some other stuff first) and I have a couple spots like that. If the water gets on the klaf after you've written there isn't much to do. If it got wet before writing, just use a little less ink than you normally would and most people won't even notice. Writing in a yeshiva dorm room makes you an expert at dealing with that kind of thing. I'm currently figuring out how to remove an oil stain from the klaf following an accident with my room mate's menorah.

  3. Thanks, now I don't feel so bad! Does the oilem think I should erase the ayin from "Odem" and the "viyavo" or are they kosher as is. The wet letters have a sort of halo around them.

  4. It doesnt look possul as is, you can just try and scratch out the halo


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