Dakkos question

If the skin that comes from the bayis under the titurah on dakkos is missing a piece or has come away from the corner on the underside of the titurah, does this affect the ribuah?


  1. In regard to the piece stuck under the upper titura - that is indeed questionable (and seems to be kosher), but the piece that is the lower titura [as in picture] is definitly pasul, because the lower skin [titura] isnt ribua.

  2. the only way to fix it is to glue another kosher skin to complete the ribua - but it will not be "or echad"!

  3. OK I fixed it. I peeled the whole underside off, soaked the skin in a cup or water for 10 mins and stretched it out. I then glued it back on and trimmed the edges so we now have perfect ribauh

    1. as long as the ribua will stay - good. but I doubt it will stay that long, since you had to over stretch it, it will start drying and shrinking to less then the ribua.

    2. even if its strongly glued? I will check it again in a few days....

    3. if you glue it well it will hold,
      you culd also take a pice of klaf cut a square in it put it over the bayis then fold it over the bottom so now you have a full new titura.
      regarding or echadthe the bayis is still or echad but its not or echad im hatitura wich is a hidur that is not brought down lehalacha and in lubavitch thy did not make batim like that.

    4. shkoyach. anyway it's still holding the way I fixed it


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