Any thoughts or comments on this Gimmel? It was suggested to post it on the blog


  1. It's kosher. If both feet come out of separate places in the rosh its a problem. If they come out "together" its usually kohser bidieved and can be fixed. but here you can see clearly the left regel is coming out of the right regel, just a little high so its OK, perhaps just fix it a bit by adding ink so it looks a little more meduyak

  2. There is no doubt that the above GIMMEL is kasher. However, how can we say that when the left foot originates at the very top of the right YERECH it's Kasher Bediavad???

    Wouldn't that be a complete Shinui of the Tzurah? Even if a Tinok where to read it, we would not be able to repair it?

    Please elucidate the reasoning behind the above statements so that we may better understand.

  3. What I mean is if they blend into one atth top, ie they are together part of the way down from the rosh. If you dont understand I will upload a picture. I think these is a picture of it in that sefer you quoted sfekas hasofer. This is bedieved

  4. Agreed. We mean to say the same thing.
    Thanks & regards.


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