Hachnassas Sefer Torah for a Refurbished Sefer

I recently refurbished and sold a sefer Torah to a local shul (Frum kehilla, of course).  They have asked me to assist with a hachnossa for this sefer.  Being that it is not a new sefer (although it is in excellent condition), I am uncertain as to the procedure/propriety for a hachnossa.  Has anyone been in such a circumstance before and, if so, please suggest protocol. Any help is much appreciated!


  1. Shalom R. Avraham. I have done many of these. If the Torah has been extensively repaired then the community often feel that it should be treated as new (either because it is new to them or because it has been 'away' for a long period - and I often feel that way too. I usually leave a few letters un-repaired so that members of the community who funded the work or who the community want to honour can be so honoured.

  2. Check in the sefer on ksivas sefer torah from the nitei gavriel, you can't do a proper siyum / hachnoso on a used sefer, definitely don't do a a parade with music etc. Usually here I make a token ceremony with some dancing inside the shul and some tehillim and speeches with a lechaim afterwards. You may be able to leave some letters that need repair to complete with some dignitaries but this is not a proper siyum, a siyum can only be done once per sefer.

  3. I also do a d'var torah on the repair of sifrey and talk about the materials and also talk about Menachot 30a, which reads 'R. Sheshet said if one corrects even one letter it is considered as if he wrote [an entire Sefer Torah]' and adds: 'whoever writes a Sefer Torah, Scripture deems it as if he received it from Sinai'.

    R. Eli's suggestions are very good as tikkun is a good excuse for a simcha even if it isn't a proper siyyum.

  4. R' Eli, what is the exact place in Nitei Gavriel?

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  6. Perek 18 sif 20 talks about not making a tahalucha / parade with music etc for a newly refurbished sefer, this is only done for a brand new sefer. Look in the foot note, he brings down Rav Wosner because it's ganevas daas , people will think it's a new sefer when it's not.

    But as I said previously, you can say tehillim, speeches, dance in the shul and even do a seudah (although it should be less than a normal seudah for a new sefer which is why I suggest a stand up lechaim / kiddish type affair


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