Halachic Follow-Up On Last Post

So In my last post I posted a few pictures of a water-damaged megilah, the few responses I got indicated that it is Kosher and/or I can scratch out/erase the "halo" around the Ayin (and few other letters).  Here are the questions:
1. Doesn't the klaf need to be white? Isn't the Ayin of Odam now on a non-white background?
2. Why isn't erasing the coloration chok tachus (is there a level of blackness that it needs to be before scratching is not chok tachus).
For my own learning (I am a student/beginner), I would appreciate marei mekomos for any opinions expressed.
Here are the pics again:


  1. the "Halo" around the letter is much lighter than the ink and teh correct shape of the letter is still there so it is not a problem to scratch you are only making it nicer and cleaning it a little aesthetically. Chok Tochus is only when you make the letter (tzurah) kosher by erasing

  2. Did you actually try some scratching? When ink spreads like that, the black "halo' is many times deep into the klaf, so scratching will not help.

    And, if you want to avoid water damage altogether, use water resistant ink, i.e. Dio Lanetzach. (Sorry, I could not resist:)

  3. Klaf doesn't need to be white. Really Sifrei Torah are supposed to be written on Gvil which can be beige, red, or brown. This that we write it on Klaf is only because in Europe the mesorah of how to make gvil was lost.

    Even if this letter was passul the Megillah would be kosher since a Megillah only needs rov osios to be kosher.

  4. This is a classic case like stated in the MB about the spreading of the ink, and the letter still being visible, it being kosher.

  5. But what about the mishna berurah sif Kattan 113 which when discussing erasure says brings a pri megadim that if there is a "roshem" you cannot write on it. This seems to be at odds with the earlier din that only full blown shinui tzurah is a problem.

  6. I think the difference here is that the letter is still kosher, and the Pri Magdim is talking about writing on roshem. Now what he means as roshem, i dont know.


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