What would be a good pen for a rabbi of a shul to have handy for minor minute repairs in middle of laining something that is kosher easy to deal with and will not dry out over time ?


  1. A Rapidograph (with dyo lonetzach ink). Alternatively, as a cheaper option there is a Japanese felt pen called Micron that has been lab tested, the ink is kosher, it is available worldwide in art shops and it's what I recommend rabbis etc in cities I cannot get to use for minor repairs.

  2. An important test for such a pen: Make a few marks on paper. Leave it out in the sun for a few days or weeks. See if the ink fades or not. If it fades, it is probably not kosher for STAM.

  3. My rebbi mentioned he once saw Rav Soloveichik get an aliya and make a repair with his fountain pen when the baal kria found a psul.


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