long back of hey

does anybody know what would be the din of such a hey while I was writing a mezuzah I went back to fix something on the hay and by mistake smudged it I scratched it off wright away because probably I saw that the ink was less strong than the letter and i don't remember how much the ink came out of the back of the hay


  1. Try uploading the picture again...

  2. It is not a real picture I put that one up so people could get a better idea. I already erased the back by mistake and I don't remember how long it was and what shade it was i was thinking thought that it might be mutar metzad sofek sefekah safek if it was a kosher letter and sofek chak toches and it had a chezkas kasrus of a kosher mezuzah?

  3. i asked rabbi zirkin in c"h and he paskined that it was kosher because of a teshuvah in tzemach tzetek orach chaim and in yorei deah hosofos that this case is a chok tochos derabanan and metzad soek deranan one may be makil he said that rabbi pikarski from crown heights would paskin in similar cases also like this


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