space between words

The space between "esev" and "besadcha" at the sirtut is OK, but at their base [the 2 beis letters] may be to close. It seems from SA Harav 32:37 [and Kol Yaacov 32:116] that if the 2 words are close at their bottom although distinct at their top, this may be a problem of 2 words to close.



  1. Yes it is indeed a problem, for the human eye tends to put them together as one long word.

    In this case, the solution is simple - just reduce part of EKEV of the BET of BESADEKHA to render a clear demarcation between the two words.

  2. or scratch a little from the gug and moshav of the first beis

  3. Scratching will certainly solve the problem. If the customer needed to know if he was yotzeh mitzvas mezuzah until now I'd say yes.


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