vav with tag entering

If a tag of a lamed enters the space of  a vav on the line above (on the bottom left of the space to the left of the regel) can this a chash of a hay? By daled and reish it is but some say it applies to a vav too? Must you cover and show a tinok like daled and reish? I know each case differs but I'm talking about a standard (not overly wide) vav and a not overly thick tag (without a rosh).

If anyone has any shimush on this please let me know


  1. See Mishnas HaSofer Siman 5 Sif-Katan 60 that discusses the eikav of a beis or any other mark in the space of a vav.

    R' Shammai told me if any mark is not at the bottom of the vav then it's not a problem. However if there is any sort of marking at the bottom of the vav (on the left side of the space) then quite possibly it'll be a shailos tinnok or pasul and each case should be judged for itself.

    This week a sofer came with 2 shailos with an akeiv of the beis going into the vav (the tip of the aikev was c'neged exactly the shpitz of the rosh of the vav coming down on the far left side. If you can picture this. Both cases R' Shammai said shailos tinnok.

    I would say also in the case of the tagim of a lamed going into the challel of a reish or daled there is more makom to be makil already then in other cases (as I've heard/seen by R' Shammai in the past.)

    Over here perhaps more so (a tzad lhakil in a case of the tagim of lamed going into the space of vav) but as always each case has to be judged for itself. Although almost every shailo I've seen by R' Shammai with a Vav and something in the challel he said Shailos Tinnok.


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