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problem in reish

Is this reish kosher/shaylas tinok/pasul???

kuf resembling a lamed

Elad posted [last week] a question on a kuf. I want to comment on this issue B'ezras Hashem.
I have edited the Malkosh [he posted] to recive 3 new situations, [the first one has been mentioned by Yehoshua in the comments there, in the name of Rabbi Shammai Gross shlit"a].
1) the fat tag [I moved to] the left edge of the kuf, my opinion is that this is not automaticaly pasul, but a shaylas tinok - how a tinok sees the letter. In this specific case [illustrated here] it might be realy pasul because this fat tag is mamash a (complete) kosher rosh for lamed!! But I want to make a point that if the tag is not a complete rosh for a lamed, then it will not be automaticaly pasul!
2) the kuf has a complete rosh of lamed - it is pasul [for either a kuf or a lamed], because this a complete shinuy tzura, this figure is partialy a lamed partialy a kuf, therefore pasul for either [a tinok can't help in this case].
3) lamed has a partial foot of kuf, this resembles question 1 as a shay…