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Mezuza covers that are problematic

Concerning mezuza covers with formed images of people on them (like in this picture) or with a sun or moon on them. What is is the Halacaha of these mezuza cases? Based on Yoreh Deah 141:3 we are not to even own tzuras (either bolait or shakua)images of the sun and moon. Concerning the image of a person even the face alone is a problem ( Taz 141:15 ). See also the Mechaber 141:4 where the girsa is " afilu Lenoi " see also the Shach ibid:21 . I think concerning childeren's mezuzas it is less of a problem even with images of different icons similar to the status of a toy, so seems the minhag bepoal, not that it is endorsed, however not necessarily certainly forbidden. However there might even be an issue with decorative images formed on childeren mezuza cases, since there is an importance of looking at the mezuza (as in the story of Onkelos the ger recorded in Tractate Avoda Zara ) and it might not be proper to look at such images even if they are similar to toys (these

tifur titora

1)This is the stitches which are are not exactly ribuah mamash (due to warped battim and poorly drilled holes), although it was much worse before my fixing. Is it currently kosher the way it is? If not what is the red line? R" Moshe I now added a new picture (top picture) of how it used to look before, what about this?

problematic beis

The Beis of yirbu - is this a beis or a nun? I think a tinok can be asked.