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Is small fay kosher for yud

often we tend to decide if a letter is kosher based on the surrounding letters. I am also posting an image with part of the mezuza

taguim High

Dio and Klaf

L'maseh what is dio made from now a days and how. (If there are several types, please almost mention.) As well from what type of animal is klaf made from (if different types also please mention.) If thing are exactly how they are spelled out in Shulchan Aruch then also fair to say that however for the dio I need an explanation of what Shulchan Aruch is referring to! Thanks to the olam in advanced.

Siyum sefer Torah

It seems that the accepted custom by siyum Sefer Torahs is to place a card with the words "Leshem Kedushas ..." on top of the klaf itself. I would like to know if there is any problem (of non kavod to the Sefer Torah) by placing such a card on top of the klaf? Does anyone have a source to prove that it is fine?