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Petzua daka

I was wondering whats the halacha about "Petzua daka" (Parshat ki tetze). In some older Torah's it is written with a alef, and in others with a hey... obviously one is wrong, if so, then why isn't something being done to correct this? since a Torah is pasul "even if one letter is not kosher" then it means that hundreds of shuls are reading out of non kosher scrolls...

How can we, as Sofrim claim that the Torah hasn't changed since the time of Moshe, if we have such a clear and blatant mistake? What are your thoughts on this?

Sirtutless tikun

It seems this sofer corrected the vav in'uvekumecha'(line 5), but he didn't make a second sirtut before writing the word again.
Mishnat Hasofer (3,21) writes about the machkloket on that (Bnei Yonah x Achronim).
If this mezuza can be kasher bediavad, I should anyway make the sirtut now. But the vav is upwards in relation to the sirtut level, and the sirtut could also take its rosh out by making some hefsek. What to do then?.