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Covering the mezuza

Someone asked me if they may have a mezuza on their door since it is facing another door with a tzelem hanging on it and it might not be proper kavod to the mezuza. I think that it is allowed if it is covered (i.e. that you cannot see the Sh-Ka-i (Hashem's name) on the parchment). Although the tzelem is considered as (at least safek Avodah Zarah)idolatry (Yoreh Deah 141:1 Rema and Shach ibid:6), still it should be similar to the halacha that one must cover ervah infront of a Sefer Torah, tefillin, sefarim or mezuzas etc... (Mishna Berura 240:27 etc...). It is required kli betoch kli. Perhaps the case is similar to a mezuza in front of tinuf (Yoreh Deah 286:5) where the shulchan Aruch writes only " tov lichasost hamezuza" - (which is more lenient) provided there is no ervah. In any case would a plastic non translucent case with a ש printed on it work? (I believe that some rabbonim say it is fine for kli betoch kli, although I do not understand the reasoning for this, si


What is the din in this parshiya? The person told me he "had it checked before and it was kosher"... doesn't the spacing pasul the Tefillin though?

L'Shem Kedushas HaShem / Sefer Torah

A sefer Torah was written by one sofer. At some point one Shem HaShem in the sefer Torah was found to be pasul. Another sofer came along to fix it and said "L'Shem Kedushas HaShem" but *not* "L'Shem Kedushas Sefer Torah". What's the din in that case. As well, what would be the din if it was the same sofer, however years later he came to fix the Shem and did the same thing, said  "L'Shem Kedushas HaShem" but *not* "L'Shem Kedushas Sefer Torah".