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Gartel during Sta"m

I see that chassidim are makpid to wear a gartel during a siyum sefer torah. The Natei Gavriel (Hachnosos Sefer Torah)p. 111 writes this practice sorcing it from Shabbos 10,a and Shulchan Aruch 91:2.

My question is would it not also be fitting to wear a gartel anytime writing or even doing hagah when fixing, according to this.
I remember one Sofer that would always wear a gartel when writing, but I do not think this is the main spread custom. You might be able to differentiate between concluding a Sefer Torah which is a special occasion as similar to wearing a gartel during special kibudim during a bris etc...
What are your thoughts?

siyum sefer tora

I think it is correct to stop the custom that people write letters at the siyum sefer tora.
Only the sofer should write all the letters and complete finishing the sefer.
Allowing others to write letters causes several problems:
1) people that are mechalel shabos are honored / they are pasul to write.
2) many people although told, don't mekadesh the csiva, and when there are many people honoured the sofer forgets to remind each and everyone, sometimes the sofer is embarresed to make a issue, so he keeps quite.

Holding the feather by the person honored - thinking the sofer is writing, although correct that it is the sofers csiva - also causes problems, many times he pushes the hand of the sofer causing disturbance in the csiva and tzuras haois.
Leaving hollow letters to my opinion doesn't help at all - since the iykar csiva is the one that finishes the letter, and the begining thin lines is not a kosher letter yet.
Even according to the thought that the thin lines are a letter, …

Shaila about Reform

There are very few reform Jews in Australia. However I was recently approached by a Reform Temple to repair a sefer. I have 3 questions on this subject:

1) Am I allowed to repair a sefer at a Reform Temple?
2) Am I allowed to sell a reform temple a sefer Torah?
3) Am I allowed to do a siyum sefer Torah at a Reform Temple even if they procured the sefer on their own, without my assistance.

I'm sure these questions are common with sofrim in the US. What is the halacha lemaiseh on this please?