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Story: Importance of limud Hilchos STaM

Obviously the olam reading this blog and making posts doesn't need chizuk in this inyun. However it's important I think to post this story in order to show people the importance of being m'chazak others in this inyun.

I was by a family Simcha the other night and was sitting next to a friend of mine (also my shvers good friend) who I would say is from one of the best sofrim in Eretz Yisrael. His csav is unbelievable. His yedias in the halachos and of course Yiras Shamayim (as he ate the food there by the simcha he made every bracha b'kavana, reading from inside of a small card he carries with him) is "top notch".

He told me recently that someone he knows, a chashuva talmud chocham that says shiur in gemorah, was becoming a sofer. He had already learned to write, was learning the halachos and as he said had already starting writing mezuzahs. I asked if he had a teudah, He said he was pretty sure that he did, until something happened. This person received from s…

Retzuah being black

A gutte Voch,

I have never clearly understood the halacha regarding retzuah with small white cracks or marks. I know it's halacha moshe mesinai that they have to be 100% black and some opinions say there is a zero tolerance aspect and even one or two small  white cracks are meakev. However there are also lenient opinions such as the Daas Kdoshim that as long as the majority is black it is OK bedieved. What is the halacha lemaisah on this?