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Mezuza in alachson

We all know the reason of putting the mezuzah on a slant to minhag ashkenaz is based on the Rema 289:6 the madakdikim are yotei both opinions ...
I have heard more than once that the mezuzah is placed on a slant as to let the kedusha flow into the room. I was wondering if there is any credence to this statement, I have never found it written in any sefer. Does any one know if this is a reliable statement or not?

Side note, if affixing mezuzahs for a sefaradi (who follows the sefardi minhagim) if the mezuzahs were previously affixed in a slant, should I advise them to switch to straight up or leave it how it is? Update: I found a Teshuva from the Maharil in his Shu"t siman 94 he brings from the Yerusahlmi, that the mezuzah needs to see the face of the room, therefore he explains that it should be facing on a slant in the direction of the room.

bayis lacking tefiros

I saw a bayis that the tifera went around the whole bayis [4 sides] once, but the second time [coming back] the toifer tyed the gid a bit past halfway missing the 2 or 3 last tefiros.
I think that bdieved this was kosher, since the tefira is on all 4 sides, although not double. I didn't see anybody speak about this case.
Now I found in Zicaron Eliyahu ch. 9 that this case may be learned from the law if the tefira was torn [SA siman 33, that 2 tefiros may be permitted. I am not quoting the details]. They quote Eshel Avraham as doubting the equation, so their maskana is that if it's lacking 1 tefira, its kosher, but not 2.
I think that tefiros torn are worse then tefiros lacking.
Tzarich Iyun, maybe somebody has some information.

bracha - reaffixing the mezuza after checking

When giving mezuzos to be checked, it is the regular hoira'a here in yerushalayim that if they are reaffixed the same day a person doesn't have to make a bracha when putting them back [each one to its exact place]. But if they are only put back the next day (or later) one must make a bracha.
Are there any other minhagim in this case/s?