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Hak Techot

My question is about the Chet in Nuach... After finishing the letter, I was trying to strengthen the Hatoteret and the ink blotted and filled up the whole space ( so that the heads are no longer visible, there is just a thick line ) in between the two heads of the Zayin and Vav (of the Chet). I latter made some of the correction because I was sure that the letter was still Kosher and that the Tzuras Ois was not lost. Then I realized that maybe I made a mistake, I figured since the Rashi holds this shape of the Chet, that I was allowed to make the correction and it would not be Hak Techot. I will surely destroy the letter and rewrite, but my question is... would the letter be kosher bedieved, or lechatchila if at all kosher if I left it?