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The shape of ancient letters Tzadik

Here is a response to the "disturbing news" in the previous post.

I have some photographs of ancient STAM. The right side head of the letter Tzadik is not a straight Yod and not an inverted Yod. It is like the letter Zain, which has protrusions on both sides of the neck.

It looks like Beit Yosef took half of it, and the Arizal took the other half.

Open the following image in a new tab or new window to see it full size.

There is a disturbing news, a Sofer in Cedarhurst is poisoning the minds of any one who has tefilin with Ksav Arizal and convinces them to change to Beth Yosef
 Here is a Teshuva from the baal Mishmereth Stam against this practice דע מה להשיב

Lemarbe continued...

Just want to share something extremely interesting as a continuation of our topic on Lemarbe.  We have seen how our tradition documents two variant writings going back to the 10th Century, one in two words and the other as a wholesome word, as per the Aleppo and Leningrad Codices.  However, in both cases the MEM is written as a SOFIT. 

I have always wondered what would we see if we could travel back in time 1,000 years prior to that and be privy to see a much older scroll.  Would they exhibit the same nuances and scribal traditions?That would truly be a fantastic thing!

Today we have the incredible resource of being able to see a scroll of Yishaya found in Qumran which forms part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The sefer dates back to approximately the year 100 bce.  How is Lemarbe written there?  Let's take a look!

If you read carefully you will see that it is also written in two words!  This is an amazing find, because it documents and substantiates the tradition of the Aleppo Codex! …