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Rapidograph Tagim

After seeing informative posts from Reb Zvi and Reb Avraham Chaim about dio,and the posts by Reb Moishe and myself prooving how many problems "metaygim" make is it not about time we boycott tagimmachers? or for the least they should have kabala and use ink with hechsher.Here is a recap of the problems: 1)dio might not be kosher 2)according to bnei yona dio rapidograh is not dio 3)matyeg forgets to be mekadesh sheimos 4)metayeg makes jumbo tags that change tzuras haos 5)metayeg widens rashe hanun 6)metayeg who makes little mistake can easily do chok tochos or shelo kesidran to fix up 7)reb moshe showed how kutzo shel yud can get killed by metayeg.

Ink, Kosher vs. non-Kosher

We all know that there is no ancient source that requires ink to be מן המותר בפיך . Possibly, as said here before, because in the olden days ink was always  מן המותר בפיך and the question was never raised. It was probably self-evident. Nowadays, no decent Rav will approve an ink which is not מן המותר בפיך  . Who was the first one to raise this question? Was it raised because of animal ingredients or because of non-kosher wine?