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kabalas shabos insight

I would like to share with some of our friends an insight that came to me at kabalas shabos. [All remember the big argument last week] I was thinking it can't be, that there is no remez in the Tora that dyo is different than the klaf that has to be mutar bficha?! Then a flash of thought came to me: Don't you remember the midrash raba [shir hashirim] on the pasuk:  - "קווצותיו תלתלים שחורות כעורב" קווצותיו תלתלים זה סרגול [שירטוט השיטה] בספר תורה שחורות כעורב זה הכתב The midrash raba says that "black as a raven" represents the letters of the sefer tora. This is a nice remez that the letters are resembled to a nonkosher foul, they may come from a non-kosher source.

Parshas Zachor

By the shul I daven in this Shabbos they have 2 kosher sifrei Torah (could be a third also?) they lein from (one big and one small.) The small one they always use as the "second" Sefer Torah. It was asked which one to use for Parshas Zachor. In terms of csav, hiddur, etc they are probably both the same. However the smaller one is older. Better to davka take the newer one or no difference? In the end they quickly decided to use the smaller older one and save the bigger newer one for Zachor...To which the bal koreh said afterwards it was hard for him to lean over the bima and lein from such a small sefer Torah the whole kriah. Any thoughts please share.

Some minhag Chabad questions:

A prominent Chabad rabbi here asked me the following two questions, both of which I need the advice of Reb Moshe or anyone else for that matter who may be able to shed some light on the following: 1) A door which is a secondary external door - it is not the front door per se but is a main door of a building leading to a parking lot which on weekdays is probably used more than the front door as an entrance - should we follow heker tzir or yemin haknisah? I know this is a machlokes in chabad but what do we do lemaasseh in this case particulalry. 2) There seems to be a minhag in Chabad which was more common 40 years ago and less common today - to put  a mezuzah in a paper or thin plastic wrapping directly onto the door. (The idea of see through coverings comes from the Remah, I do not think it is relevant to this discussion). I know that Chabad's philosophy was always to use simple cases because the main hiddur should be the actual mezuzah klaf and not the case. however today we h