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כי מלאך ה' צבאות הוא

The Viznitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak was nifter (as many probably know) last week. Many from different Mosdos and groups of Chassidus signs were put up in honor of him as what usually happens when someone well-known is nifter here in Eretz  Yisrael. My friend noticed in Mea Sharim one sign that had written on it the following (as it appears here wtihout any changes
"כי מלאך ה' צבאות הוא"

Usually the signs are covered over within a weeks time and then eventually torn down and thrown in the trash is there any problem from that fact that it was written "צבאות" on the sign? (As this is one of the Shemos "shaino nimchakim")? It could very well be that my friend was mistaken and that there was some sort of shinui made however let's evaluate what would be the halacha if this did happen.