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Chak Techot?

An interesting thing happened to me in the word Nisan here in this Megilla today. As I was finishing the Samech, on the very last point of connecting it in its top right hand corner, I touched the Koz RT of the Yud. There is no Shinui Tzura so I would usually be able to be Gorer and destroy everything in the Samech from the that point on. Since the point of Negia is also the point of finishing the letter what do I need to do? Can I just separate them? The real question is what do we consider as happening first, and if it happens at the same time then do I need to Mevatel Ha'Ot (since it happens Be'Et Ketiva)?

Megillah with Eitz Chaim

Is it muter to make a megillah with an Eitz Chaim like a Sefer Torah? Or since l'maseh it has to be an like an igeres then this is ossur to do?