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I received this email from Montreal, if anyone can help please respond

BH I just heard about your blog and wonder if you could post a question for me? I have a pair of meyuchasdike parshas Rashi Tfillin written in 5741 by R' Yaakov Silberman obm in Montreal. There is now a psul in the 2nd and 3rd parsha of shel rosh. I wonder if anyone knows of someone who might be interested in selling Rashi parshios from Reb Y. Silberman, or has put away the last 3 parshios mehudorim - ksav Admor Hazaken - written in the last 30 years? Sinai Weinbaum Montreal email   Note: Obviously Mr Weinbaum would need a whole new rosh by Rav Silberman, since there is no real way to ascertain kesidran unless exact dates can be verified.