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Sefer Haftarot

The Levush (1 and 559:1) was of the opinion that the haftarah must be read from a klaf observing the same rules as the sefer Torah since kriat ha'haftarah is only b'tzibbur .  Other authorities disagree and say that one can also read from a printed text.  The Magen Avraham, for example, states that it is preferable to read from a Tanakh containing a complete Navi than to read from a Chumash that contains only the specified portions.  However, the Magen Avraham, the Taz and the Mishnah Berurah all state that one fulfills his obligation by using even a Chumash, or Haftarah book. Historically, there has perhaps always been this question of the validity of taking the various portions of the Nevi'im and writing them together into a sefer.  In Gittin 60, Rabah and Rav Yosef hold that it is usser to write anything but complete sefarim of Tanakh. Mar bar Rav Ashi even holds that such a sefer is muktzeh because one is forbidden to read from it.  The halakha, however, appear