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Can We Pasken From Enlarged Photos

I notice that a lot of the posts on this site are "shailos" about certain issues.  Invariably, the poster includes a picture of the shailah, oftentimes enlarged (and even if not enlarged, our own viewing on a computer screen may enlarge the picture).  We likely never view the shailah in the actual exact size of the original writing.
Can we actually pasken or even give an informed opinion using these enlarged, hi-res photos?
In Siman 32, Sif 13, Sif Katan 32, the Mishna Berurah says that small wholes that are not visible by the naked eye do not passul a klaf even though you can see the hole when holding up the klaf to the sun.  I saw in the dirshu mishna berurah, that many poskim learn from there (and indeed it is clear from the mishna berurah itself) that a writing is only passul if when the issue is discernable by the naked eye.  In other words, whether or not we see an issue in an enlarged, hi-res photo, should have no bearing on the halachik status of the writing.
Is it p…

Tzuras Ois

First is a Beis with the moshav not reaching the end and has a third missing.

With the nunn of einechah there is a slight 1mm bit sticking out over end but is rounded not sharp so the kav looks from meal habima to connect to the end. Only by close study can you tell the difference

Watch your back

Found this on a mezuzah today

Ibud Ha'Oros for Klaf

The poskim speak about what one should say when making Klaf - l'shem kedushes Sefer Torah, Tefillin, Mezuzah...Best to always say L'Shem whatever Kedusha it is for. However an eitzah is given to make everything with a tanei that one may use it for Sefer Torah or Tefillin or Mezuzos or even for chulin. L'maseh what is done by our klaf, what is said, etc.